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Using telepresence technology integrated with your practice management software, we can help you get things done and save on overhead costs!

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Why Switch to Virtual Dental Assistant

US-Based Dental AssistantvsVirtual Dental Assistant     

Benefits Required

US employees are entitled to benefits like health, life, and dental insurance that can add up significantly to the overhead cost.

Hefty Payroll Taxes

In the US, half of the employee's payroll taxes are paid by the employers. It can be a hefty addition to the cost.

Holiday Pay

Working on holiday can sometimes be unavoidable, requiring it will incur additional costs to the employer.

Costly Hourly Rate

Huge pay equals high hourly rate which is the basis for overtime, and holiday pay and othe benefits.

High Turnover Rate

Dental Assisting has a high turnover rate, and replacing and training employees eveyrtime can be exhausting.

Hard to Find

Finding the right assistant is not easy, and job offers for the position are usually competitive and hard to beat.

No Benefits Required

The required benefits of our virtual assistants are part of our responsibility and will be taken care of by the company.

No Payroll Taxes

The required taxes (if any) for our virtual assistants are already part of the subscription you pay.

No Holiday Pay

Our Virtual Dental Assistants are always available even on holidays, for no additional cost!

Low Cost Hourly Rate

Our Virtual Dental Assistant only costs $9 per hour, and it's all in! No additional fees, no hidden charges.

Always Available

We have a pool of available Virtual Dental Assistants that can take each other's place in case of unavailablity.

Huge Talent Pool

We have a pool of skilled and fully trained Virtual Dental Assistants ready to be deployed.

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What Can a Virtual Dental Assistant Do?

Client Testimonials

Great Service and Cost Effective


“It is a pleasure working with them; they are proactive and responsive, exactly what you want for a virtual employee. In just a short period, they have been a big help. What they use to integrate their service into what we do is impressive. I can not praise them enough. They turned things so simple and easy for me. Thank you, IVE!”

Dr. Culhane of Sky Dental Clinic

Best Decision Ever!


“IVE is very capable of making a working day run blissfully and smoothly. Always two steps ahead and will give you 110% satisfaction. They possess good emotional intelligence and communication skills. I bet so many dentists wish they have one with all this social distancing happening because of the pandemic. I highly recommend them. ”

Dr. Watts of Pro Smile Clinic

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