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Transparent Dental Billing Solutions



  • Insurance Claims of amounting a minimum of $100,000 per month

  • Service charges only amount to 4% of claims



  • Insurance Claims of amounting a minimum of $50,000 per month

  • Service charges only amount to 7% of claims



  • Insurance Claims of amounting a minimum of $20,000 per month

  • Service charges only amount to 10% of claims

Why Us

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Learn about the benefits and tasks that IVE Billing can provide for your practice.

Patient Eligibility Verification

We handle the time-consuming task of verifying patient eligibility and obtaining dental benefits, including dental history, from insurance companies, relieving the stress for your dental office.

Efficient Claims Billing

Our skilled billing team ensures timely and accurate payments from insurance companies by focusing on meticulous claim documentation, reducing payment delays or denials, and maximizing your chances of prompt payment.

Enhanced Insurance Collection

We prevent claim denials, process claims efficiently, and write effective appeals when needed to increase dental practice revenues and maximize reimbursements, improving your financial outcomes.

Proactive Insurance Aging Management

Stay on top of dental insurance, especially unpaid claims. Our team tracks and monitors claims that exceed 30+ days aging, taking proactive steps such as follow-ups, reprocessing, and appeals to expedite payment and reduce insurance aging, ensuring a healthy cash flow.

Billing Cost Calculator

Average Monthly Insurance Collection: $20,000

Adjust the slider based on your average monthly insurance collections to calculate your estimated monthly cost.

*Note that this pertains to insurance collections specifically, not the overall collections.

$2,000 $100,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Our virtual dental billing services encompass a range of activities related to insurance claims, billing, and reimbursement. This includes verifying insurance coverage, submitting electronic claims, following up on outstanding claims, handling patient billing inquiries, managing accounts receivable, and ensuring accurate and timely processing of insurance claims for optimal revenue cycle management.
Virtual dental billing services can have a positive impact on your practice's financial health in several ways. By outsourcing the billing process to our experienced professionals, you can reduce billing errors, increase claim acceptance rates, and accelerate the reimbursement process. This leads to improved cash flow, minimized revenue leakage, reduced administrative burden, and allows you to focus on providing quality patient care.
We take several steps to ensure accurate and timely processing of insurance claims. Our team of experts meticulously reviews and verifies patient insurance coverage, submits electronic claims promptly, follows up on any outstanding claims, and maintains open lines of communication with insurance providers. We also stay up-to-date with insurance regulations and coding changes to ensure compliance and maximize claim acceptance rates.
Our team is well-equipped to handle patient billing inquiries and disputes. We provide responsive and professional customer service to address patient inquiries, explain billing details, and resolve disputes promptly. Our goal is to ensure a positive patient experience while maintaining a strong focus on accurate and fair billing practices.
At GoBro Web Services, we take HIPAA compliance and patient information security seriously. We implement strict security measures to protect patient data, including secure file sharing protocols, encrypted communication channels, and adherence to HIPAA guidelines. Our staff receives regular training on HIPAA compliance and we conduct audits to ensure the highest level of data protection.
All of our IVE dental assistants have HIPAA training certificates and are subject to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 in the Philippines. This act protects people who are impacted in the United States while also holding Filipino citizens responsible for their actions.
Yes, we provide regular reports and updates on billing activities. We offer transparent and detailed reports that provide insights into key performance indicators, such as claim acceptance rates, average reimbursement time, and accounts receivable status. These reports help you monitor the financial health of your practice and make informed business decisions.
Yes, our virtual dental billing services can integrate with your existing practice management software. We work with various software systems and can adapt to your specific software requirements. Integration streamlines the billing process, enhances efficiency, and ensures seamless communication between our billing team and your practice management system.

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